Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colors, Cabinets, and Granite, Oh My!

Wednesday afternoon we met with our newly assigned SR at a nearby Ryan community to go over our color selections and review our options.  We met for about an hour which was a lot quicker than we anticipated, but we already had an idea on the colors that we liked which made this process easier for us.

Exterior Selections

The SR showed us a few different exterior color schemes.  We had to stick to these color schemes and there were no variations that could be made, which I guess is a good thing so that your neighbors don't make any crazy choices!  The only color scheme that we couldn't choose was with gray siding since the neighbors to our left have gray siding, which was fine by us.
  • Siding
    • Sandy Tan
  • Shutters
    • Dark Berry
  • Stone
    • Bucks County Ledgestone
  • Door
    • Marooned

Exterior Colors!
Bucks County Ledgestone

Now on to our cabinet and counter-top selections!


Included in our original agreement was kitchen cabinet upgrade 1.  After reviewing the cabinet selections, while some of the choices we liked, we ultimately decide to upgrade to the kitchen cabinet upgrade 2.  The selections in this upgrade have a solid wood center, instead of the veneer, and to us have an overall nicer look to them.  Plus, the Cherry Java that we originally liked was in this upgrade. We opted against adding any handles. 

We decided on Santa Cecilia granite.  None of the other options really stuck out to us and we like that there are some darker streaks in the texture that should blend nicely with the cabinets that we selected.

Cherry Java with Santa Cecilia


The standard bathroom cabinet selections are pretty limited, a light oak or maple color.  We decided that this would be fine for our second bathroom, but for the master bathroom we went for the vanity upgrade 1 and selected Maple Espresso.  Since we were making these upgrades to the bathroom and we knew that we would want to upgrade the tile when we visited Rite-Rug,  we selected Burlywood granite.  What a great master bathroom we are going to have!

Maple Espresso with Burleywood

For the second bathroom we went with the Oak Honey Cabinet.

Oak Honey Cabinet

Other Options

Here are the other options that we decided to add:
  • Exterior Floodlight
  • Address Stone
  • Exterior Gas Line Hookup
  • Paint Package 3 tone
    • Sun Dew paint
      • We went with the paint package so that we would have the entire house painted a color other than white and we could focus on just painting accent walls.  There were a couple of paint color options available but we liked Sun Dew the best.    
Sun Dew - 7SW688
  • 1 Additional Recessed Light for Kitchen
    • We like the look of having pendant lights above the gourmet island.  The kitchen comes with 9 recessed lights.  After speaking with the SR, who contacted the PM, they agreed to center 3 recessed lights (2 existing and 1 additional) over the island so that we could swap out and put in pendant lighting.  Here's a picture from someone that has done the same thing and where we got this idea.
Kitchen with Pendant Lights

WOW how quickly these options add up!  An upgrade here, an add-on there, and before you know it $$$$.  Our thought process for where to add upgrades or options was to make them in the areas where we will be spending the most time - the kitchen, the family room, and the master bathroom!

Rite-Rug appointment tomorrow, more selections!!!  Whew, this is exhausting!

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