Sunday, November 2, 2014


We completed our pre-settlement walk-through and closed on our home last Wednesday, October 29th and received our keys on Thursday!

The walk-through with our PM took about 3 hours.  We went through all of the aspects of our home, discussed the warranties, emergency service contact information, and scheduled our 30 day follow up inspection.  Overall, we are extremely happy with the quality of our home.  There are a few items that aren't 100% perfect, but they are are minor and we can live with.  And there are some that we will be bringing up in our 30 day inspection to have fixed, such as touch-ups in our powder room, where we have found several imperfections.  We will be putting together a list of items over the next 30 days so that they can be reviewed fixed at that time.  According to our PM, he received a 97% quality inspection score, with passing being 93%.  

Closing and signing all of our mortgage loan papers only took us about 20 minutes!  It went quickly and was painless.  

The last few days have been busy with our appliances being delivered, packing and moving a few items before our official move next week, and a few small projects that included installing pendant lighting above our kitchen island, installing a ceiling fan in the master bedroom, and installing a garbage can rev-a-shelf in a cabinet.  

Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Pendant Lights - Ignore the Mess!

Pendant Lights


Samsung Fridge

We probably won't be updating much from here on out except for maybe our 30 day inspection and 10 month.  Time to enjoy our new home!

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