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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roof, Rate Lock, Concrete Poured

Roof is done and concrete has been poured in the garage and front stoop. Unsure if the basement has been poured yet.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to get inside the house the last few days, too much mud and the newly poured concrete.  And who didn't believe Adam that the concrete wasn't set????  That would be Nora....

During our visit we had a chance to meet few more neighbors and will be meeting the rest of our neighbors this Saturday at a neighborhood block party.

We were also able to have our rate locked with NVR today.

2nd bathroom Shower/Tub

Punch List of items for the Framers to fix

Front Stoop

Front Door View

Roofing Complete

Fresh Concrete.  Nora's finger imprint is in there somewhere...

Left Side

Front View and Our Morning Room French Doors