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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lumber and Framing

We received a call from our PM this morning that the lumber was dropped at our site first thing this morning and that the framing would begin at noon.  We've heard from others that once the lumber gets dropped, the house would begin to go up quickly, and boy were they right!!!

Pending weather, we should have a roof on the house by next Wednesday.

We have the beginnings of our house!

Photo from our PM - Lumber Dropped in the AM

Framing Begins!
Looking through the Garage
Looking from the Backyard to the Back of the Home
Morning Room to Left
Left side of House - Stairwell Window Framed
Morning Room and Basement Window
Window's and Doors  - Kind of strange, just laying in the open
Panoramic View

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Loan Approved!!


Well, conditionally, but we only have a few outstanding conditions remaining which include updated pay stubs and bank statements.  No crazy or unreasonable requests.

After reading a few fellow Ryan Homes blogs, we were anticipating the worst when it came to dealing with NVR. The process for us was relatively quick and has been painless thus far, so no complaints from us!  In all, it took about two and a half weeks from the time we submitted our paperwork to today when we received our conditional approval.  And about 4 days from when we were advised that our loan went into underwriting to our approval.  Not too bad considering we were told it would take about 28 days to hear back from them.

In other news, our Guardian appointment is scheduled for Saturday, so we are still rolling right along!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A few Updates and Now We Wait!

Just a few updates, nothing major but we're making progress!

On Thursday we received a from our Loan Processor from NVR that our loan was being submitted to underwriting and that due to the 4th of July holiday, that things might be a little slower than usual.  She estimated 7 to 10 days before we hear anything back.

Just waiting around

We met with our SR yesterday afternoon to sign off on our final color selections and to acknowledge that we are over 14 days from signing our purchase agreement and can no longer make any structural changes.  We also finalized the locations of our exterior gas line in the rear of the house, moved some cable outlets around, and locations of electrical outlets that we added.

We will need to go back to sign off on our wiring selections after we meet with Guardian which was scheduled for today, however had to be cancelled by the the Guardian sales rep.  We are hoping that this will be rescheduled this week.

Some things that we are considering with Guardian are:

  • Flat Panel wiring for the family room
  • Adding additional cable outlets in the bedrooms
  • Security system
  • Surround sound pre-wire hookup in the basement

We received clarification on our timeline for construction which is exciting and pretty unbelievable that they will be able to clear our lot of all the trees, dig a hole, and build a house in such a short amount of time!

  • Last week of July - Pre-Construction Meeting
  • August 10 - Construction/Clearing Lot Begins
  • Last week of October/First Week November - We received Keys!

And now we wait!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NVR Loan Appointment

On the 18th we met with the NVR loan officer at the Orchard Springs model/sales office to go over our loan application.  We emailed the majority of our loan documents to him prior to the meeting utilizing the checklist that was provided to us.  We were assigned a loan officer from another territory because the one typically assigned to the area was busy.

Our appointment was scheduled for 5:30, however the LO showed up about 45 minutes late because he went to the wrong community and got lost on the way.  Not a huge issue for us, he did call us to let us know that he was running late, and it gave us a few minutes to chat with both the sales manager and project manager who were at the model home.

Our project manager let us know that he has been with Ryan Homes for about 9 years and currently lives in a Ryan home in a neighboring community.  He answered a few basic questions for us before our LO arrived.  We look forward to working with him, we feel like we are in good hands.

Our LO was friendly and extremely thorough with the application process.  He provided us with a lot of valuable information and made the process as easy and painless as possible for us.  It was a looooonnng process but should hopefully make underwriting and approving our loan an easy one.  It took us about 3 and a half hours to get through all of the documentation and completion of the application.  We were only missing a few documents that we need to get together and was told that the typical time frame for a decision will be about 28 days.

Overall, despite being a long process, we left feeling good knowing that we got this part out of the way.  And now we wait...