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Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Days Left

Only 6 days left until we close!

We stopped by the house today, our PM has been nice enough to leave the doors unlocked when we ask so we can stop by and get in after work.  We got to see our carpet and hardwood floors and it was exciting to see everything installed.  Our appliances have also been installed and a lot of finishing work is still being done.  Found a few nail pops already in the living room on the TV wall, however really no other issues in the rest of the house.

We also received a call from our PM today that when Guardian came to wire our rear speakers in our basement, they accidentally made the cut outs in the drywall for rear speakers, when we only ordered the rear speaker pre-wires.  Instead of re-dry walling to correct this, our PM was able to work with Guardian to provide rear speakers for us! Only thing that we're a little disappointed with are the location of the speakers.   They aren't exactly evenly placed on the wall, we probably should have done a better job at looking at the locations of these when they did the wiring.  But it's something we can live with and the free speakers were a bonus.

They were able to do a rough grade of the yard today, PM advised they will be coming back out in the spring to have this touched up as well as to have our exterior painting done.  Hoping that the grading does not become an issue and will be something we are looking at closely.

Just a few pictures

Turned the fireplace on - You can see the flame if you look closely

Unfinished storage side of basement
Basement Speakers - Left speaker farther away from the wall than the RIght...

Upstairs bedroom and carpet

Dining room Hardwood
Hallway Hardwood - 12 panel basement door

Cherry Java Cabinets / Santa Cecilia Granite / Dundee Saddle Hardwood

A few nail pops on this wall

Living room Carpeted

Master Bedroom Carpeted

Morning Room Hardwood

Mudroom Hardwood

Gas Range and Microwave

Light to the second floor

Friday, June 27, 2014

Floored by Flooring!

Thursday we had our appointment with Rite-Rug.  Our only major complaint was the availability to schedule appointments during convenient times.  We both had to take some time off of work to make the appointment.

Upon entering Rite-Rug, we were welcomed by.... no one.  I counted 3 people that were sitting at their desks and didn't lift their heads up even though they had to have heard the hanging jingly balls bouncing against the doors as we walked in.  We walked around and found our sales person who was in a back corner and had a "Selection Center" sign on the wall.  Our sales person was friendly, so that was a good thing, and was helpful in making our selections.

Coming in to the appointment, we knew that we definitely wanted to upgrade the carpet padding to 8 lb and that we wanted to extend the hardwood into the dining room, powder room, and hallway.  The choices were a little overwhelming since there were a lot of combinations that could be put together and mix and matching different levels/upgrades.


Here's what we found out about carpet.
  • Level A is the standard and does not have stain protection.  There were only a few color options available.
  • Level B included stain protection and had a few more color options. 
  • Level C had some nicer designs, textures and colors and seemed to be made a little better than both A and B.
We decided that we definitely needed Level B, if for nothing more than the stain protection.

We also felt that since the family room will be an area where we will be spending a lot of our time, the upgraded carpet Level C would be a good investment.  

Here are our final carpet selections:
  • Level C in the Family Room
    • Intuitive/Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea

  • Level B in the Basement, Stairs, and Bedrooms.
    • Collinsville/100 Sahara Buff
Sahara Buff


Our included options for the home included Hardwood A in the Kitchen, Morning Room, and Foyer.  We will be putting hardwood in the dining room, hallway up to the family room, and the powder room. The differences to us between Hardwood A and B were pretty significant.  B brings a few more colors and 3.25" planks. The overall look of B is smoother and more refined.

We initially decided on upgrading to Hardwood B - 3.25" Dundee/Mocha. After some second guessing, reviewing other blogs and talking to both of our mothers, we determined that with our Cherry Java cabinets the Mocha would just be too dark.  Nora went back on her own the next afternoon and changed our selection to Saddle, which we feel is going to look awesome in the house with our other selections.

We also decided on Black Cherry stain for our railings which will have the white spindles.

Master Bath

There were 4 different tile selections, A, B, C and D.  Selection D was significantly more expensive than the other options so we decided not to even look at those choices. The ceramic tiles included with the upgraded owners bath (A) are just basic white or almond colored tiles.  B was almost the same as A but with a few more colors.  C had larger (12x12 ) floor tiles, (10x14) wall tile, and accent pieces.

We'd already made the decision that the Kitchen, Family Room, and Master Bathroom are the areas of the house that we wanted to focus attention on.  Having already decided to upgrade the Master Bathroom by adding granite counter-tops and upgraded cabinets, we decided to go ahead and upgrade to level C tile.

Also, after looking at our choices, we decided to change the Burlywood Granite to Santa Cecilia Light to keep a lighter, less busy feel in the master bath.

Our Master Bathroom tile selections:

  • Floor
    • 12x12 Dorian Gray
  • Wall
    • 10x14 Dorian Gray
  • Accent
    • Universal Mosaic

Master Bathroom Selections!

Second Bathroom/Laundry Room

Choices for our second bathroom and laundry were a bit easier.  For both we went with the same laminate vinyl flooring.   

We know that we could have probably gotten some of these and other upgrades done at a lesser cost if we went with an outside contractor after we closed, however for the convenience and knowing that it will be done, to us it is a wise decision and expense to take care of now.  

Only our Guardian appointment left, which is in a week and a half.  Hopefully we've made some good selections and we can start to sit back and enjoy our home being built!