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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roof, Rate Lock, Concrete Poured

Roof is done and concrete has been poured in the garage and front stoop. Unsure if the basement has been poured yet.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to get inside the house the last few days, too much mud and the newly poured concrete.  And who didn't believe Adam that the concrete wasn't set????  That would be Nora....

During our visit we had a chance to meet few more neighbors and will be meeting the rest of our neighbors this Saturday at a neighborhood block party.

We were also able to have our rate locked with NVR today.

2nd bathroom Shower/Tub

Punch List of items for the Framers to fix

Front Stoop

Front Door View

Roofing Complete

Fresh Concrete.  Nora's finger imprint is in there somewhere...

Left Side

Front View and Our Morning Room French Doors

Saturday, September 6, 2014

More Updates!

Just a few updates and pictures from this past week.

Framing has been completed and we are expecting to have the roof completed by next Wednesday, pending weather.  Next week, our PM will be letting us know our completion date, but right now it's looking like our home will be completed on October 29th.

2nd Floor Framing Started
Back of House

Backside - Morning Room and Fireplace 
Framing Complete

View from our Foyer Looking In

Living Room

Front Door

Left Side of House

Our Tub


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lumber and Framing

We received a call from our PM this morning that the lumber was dropped at our site first thing this morning and that the framing would begin at noon.  We've heard from others that once the lumber gets dropped, the house would begin to go up quickly, and boy were they right!!!

Pending weather, we should have a roof on the house by next Wednesday.

We have the beginnings of our house!

Photo from our PM - Lumber Dropped in the AM

Framing Begins!
Looking through the Garage
Looking from the Backyard to the Back of the Home
Morning Room to Left
Left side of House - Stairwell Window Framed
Morning Room and Basement Window
Window's and Doors  - Kind of strange, just laying in the open
Panoramic View

Friday, August 29, 2014

Waterproofed and Backfilled!

Waterproofing - check
Backfilling - check
Meeting neighbors - check


Our foundation had the Geo-Mat waterproofing installed on Thursday the 21st.  Things seem to be progressing pretty well.  When we visited our lot, we noticed that there seemed to be some water collecting in the ditch.  We asked our PM about this and he advised that this was normal.  We did receive some rain a few days earlier, so hoping that it is in fact normal and nothing to worry about.  

After the waterproofing, we were advised that the foundation inspection would occur on Monday the 25th and they would backfill on Tuesday.

Geo-Mat Waterproofing

Some water in the ditch

Waterproofing on Left Side


The inspection must have passed because when we arrived at our home on Tuesday, the backfilling was complete!  We are starting to get a good idea on the size of our home and the layout of our yard.  Our backyard looks like it will be a decent size but not overwhelmingly big, so we're pretty excited about that. Patio...  Built-in Grill.... Firepit....  Golf putting green.....  One can dream.

Backfilled - Front

Backfilled - Garage 


Yup, that's the basement

We also had a chance to meet our neighbors on our visit.  They seem really nice and friendly so we are happy about that!  They moved in a few months ago and have not had any issues thus far.  They mentioned that our PM was great with them and we've been feeling the same way with the communication that we've been getting from him.  We also talked a little bit about the development and how nice it would be if they didn't go ahead with the 2nd phase and we just had the trees behind us!

Lumber gets dropped on Tuesday, September 2nd, and framing is to start that day or the day after.  That's all for now folks.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Updates!

We are long overdue for an update on the progress of our construction of our Ryan Homes Venice at Orchard Springs!  Time has quickly flown by and we can see how easy it is to put off the blog updates!  This post should bring us up to date to where we are currently at in the construction process.

Over the last 4 weeks, the following has happened:

  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Waiting on the Permit
  • Clearing the Lot of Trees
  • Digging the Hole!
  • Footers
  • Foundation

Pre-Construction Meeting

Our Pre-Construction meeting was on July 30th and went without a hitch.  The meeting took us just about 2 hours at a nearby development model home/sales office.  We were offered the option to drive to our lot to see it staked out, but declined due to time constraints, plus it would be really hard to visualize the lot with all of the trees still there.  

Our PM (with Ryan Homes since 2005) and our SR went through our Venice model plans and we reviewed and verified each of the options that we selected.

A summary of some of the things we discussed/reviewed during our meeting:
  • Our Venice model is a Version 5 model
    • Includes a few different/added features from the previous version, one of which is the french doors in the morning room.
  • Estimated Start Date August 11th
    • Pending Permits which were with the County
  • Estimated Completion will be October 28th - plus or minus 2 weeks
  • Trees will be removed once Ryan Homes purchases the lot (we did not know that Ryan Homes didn't own the lots)
  • We get to choose our Santa Cecilia granite slabs for the Kitchen
  • We are unable to widen our driveway due to the building plans already being approved
  • We asked about raising the dryer vent and our PM said that he would check on this
  • Our basement will have an additional recessed light install in the area where the plumbing would have been pre-plumbed - we are getting this corner completely finished
  • Our PM recommended a few things for us for when we move-in
    • Battery Back-Up Sump Pump
    • Generator
    • Dehumidifier
    • Painting the garage with a sealing paint
    • To wait at least a year before we have a patio installed due to foundation shifting (makes sense but wondering if this is something that we really have to wait on)

Thus far, our PM has since been great with communication and we are hoping that this continues through the process. He has kept us well informed on the status of our permit (which was delayed by the County), when they would be digging, when the footers would be poured, when the foundation would go up, etc.  He also was accommodating and text-ed us pictures of our dig when we were out of town.

Construction Timeline through 8/21/14

  • 8/11/14 - Trees Removed from Lot
  • 8/14/14 - Permit Received and Digging Begins
  • 8/15/14 - Footers Poured
  • 8/18/14 - Foundation up

Our lumber isn't expected to be dropped until September 2nd.  We were told that after the foundation is up, things will slow down a bit until the framing begins.  They are going to try to complete items such as waterproofing and starting the plumbing so that the timeline can stay on track as much as possible.  Our PM has mentioned several times that he is committed to building us a quality home and that will not push things just to meet timelines, which is why he gave us a plus or minus 2 weeks for completion.  

Size Matters?

When we visited our lot after the hole was dug, we were expecting to be WOW'd by this grand, giant hole in the ground, but it looked so small to us!  We know that the Venice isn't the biggest model out there - but we liked it due to having the most usable space of any model we saw. With the finished basement, it is just about 2,900 sq ft, and the size of the hole definitely looks deceiving.  We went to visit another Venice model just to make ourselves feel better about the size and set up of the home, which we have confirmed is perfect and plenty big for us!

Less than 3 months before we have a new home!

Orchard Springs Development News

In the last 4 weeks from our last update, the last 2 lots have been sold!  All 22 lots in Phase I at Orchard Springs have been sold out!  Right now it appears that Phase II will not begin until Spring 2015.  So we can enjoy the trees that are currently in our backyard until they start construction!

Now for a few Pictures!

Before - With Trees
After - No Trees! - And a Port-a-Potty
Digging Action
Dug out Dirt
It's a Hole!
Our Basement - Looks Small!
Footers Poured
Rear Right Side
Start of a House
Right Rear
Santa Cecilia - Kitchen Slab 1
Granite Kitchen Slab 2