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Thursday, October 9, 2014

21 Days

21 Days until we receive the keys to our house!  Time has flown by and a lot of progress has been made.  Our PM has continued to be great and the level of communication and follow up has exceeded our expectations thus far.

Over the last few weeks we've been able to get into the house after work on our own, however they recently started locking up our house and we can't get in on our own, which is probably a good thing. Today we took some time during the day to stop by and check out the progress.

Here are a few updates on what has been done over the last week and a few pictures that we took today.

  • Hardwood floors have been installed
  • Kitchen Cabinets have been installed
  • Granite will be installed next week
  • Ceramic Shower being installed today
  • Drywall and paint touch-ups to occur tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday
  • Stone Fireplace will be installed next Tuesday
  • Electrical, HVAC, and fixtures will start to be done next week
  • Siding and stone front will be installed next Monday and Tuesday
  • Gas Meter hooked up

Walkway and Stoop

Bunch o' Stuff in the Garage

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen - our hardwood is protected with cardboard

Living Room


Another Bedroom Pic

Master Bathroom - If you look closely you can see the tile around the tub
Master Bedroom

Tools and Bathroom Tile

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Progress Photos

A lot has happened since our last update.
  •  We met our PM for our Pre-Drywall Meeting
    • No issues and everything looked in order
    • We found out that Ryan Homes is no longer going to be Energy Star Certified as of September 1.  We're one of the last houses that will be Energy Star Certified
    • We were able to insulate the outer wall of our Garage on our own if we wanted.  Ryan Homes only insulates the walls that touch the living areas of the home.
      • We went ahead and did this over the weekend
  • Insulation and Drywall are now up at our home
    • We were told by our PM that the drywall finishers are a couple days behind jobs but he's hopeful that we are still on schedule for October 29
  • Our yard was dug up so that sanitary can be installed
  • Our Driveway was cut out and they are planning on pouring our driveway over the next week

Here are some photos of our progress.