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Friday, June 13, 2014

Meeting our SR and Decisions

We met with a very nice and very pregnant SR who provided us with a lot of great information on the homes and developments in the area.  She was extremely friendly and patient with us and was able to answer all of the questions that we had.

When we were reviewing floor plans, we were initially looking for a floor plan with a first floor bedroom (Nora's thought that if our parents needed to stay, if she broke a leg, or for when we were old and gray and too fragile and gimpy to walk up the stairs to our bedroom). We didn't want a ranch style home and the SR provided us a few different options with the first floor option for us to review.

As we talked through the floor plans, we ended up deciding that a first floor bedroom wasn't necessary and that it made sense to both of us that we would move forward without it. When we get old, fragile, and gimpy we will just get one of those sweet rideable roller coasters (stair lifts) for old people to take us up the stairs.

Sweet Ride
We liked the Palermo with the first floor home office and that was the model that we thought we would be selecting after leaving the office that day.

After taking some more time to look through all of the floor plans that were available, we decided that the Venice would be a better fit for our needs.  The bedrooms are a little bit larger in the Venice and we decided that we didn't need the first floor home office.  To us, the design and layout, is perfect with a lot of usable space and will be big enough to for us to grow into and start a family.

With the morning room and finished basement we would be looking at about 3,000 sqft of usable living space and is perfect for our current and future living situation.

Venice 1st Floor

Venice 2nd Floor

Venice Basement