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Friday, June 13, 2014

Visited the Model and Signed our Purchase Agreement!

We signed our purchase agreement on June 13, 2014!

We started the day by meeting the sales manager at another nearby Ryan Home community where they had a Venice model.  This model used to be the original model and sales office at this community and from our understanding was in the process of being converted back to the owner/investor.

An interesting sidebar about the Ryan Home models that we learned is that all of the model homes are purchased by investors and then leased to Ryan Homes for their use. Sounds like a pretty smart and sound business model for their business and was something that we didn't know.

The model home was a bit messy inside with a lot of the sales office furniture being stored in the living room, however it did give us a good idea of the true size and livable space that we would have.  Walking through the model confirmed that this was the home for us and we drove back to Orchard Springs to discuss our options and pricing further.

We had a few days to go over the options list and pricing and decided to make a few changes, mainly removing the 3 car garage and basement bathroom.  While the 3 car garage would have definitely be nice, we feel that if we do end up needing additional space that we can always get a shed for the backyard.

For the basement, we were told that changes were made to the floor plan and that a powder room was no longer available in the basement and that they only option was a full bath. This was space that we didn't want to give up due to the layout of the basement in the Venice and taking up too much room.

The sales manager told us that the section where the bathroom was in the model home would be finished without the bathroom, however we discovered that it would actually be sectioned off as a storage room.  The sales manager stood by the error in his statement and submitted a change order request to ensure that we will get this area finished.  So definitely a win for us and a huge plus for Ryan Homes and the sales manager!

Here are the list of options that we finalized:

  • Elevation B

  • Finished Basement

  • French door for basement

  • Morning room

  • Gourmet kitchen island

  • Kitchen cabinet upgrade 1

  • Granite countertop kitchen upgrade 1

  • Range gas hook up

  • Upgraded stainless steel appliance package (we went with the package above the standard - nicer range and better dishwasher)

  • Gas fireplace with the stone veneer, higher hearth

  • Owners bathroom type E w/soaking tub with shower seat and ceramic

  • Banisters with white spindles

  • 2 additional outlets - additional for garage and kitchen island

  • Recessed lights over fireplace

  • 8 recessed lights - 4 in family room and 4 in master bedroom

  • 5 ceiling fan rough-in's - all bedrooms and family room

  • Floor drain in the garage

  • Hardwood A in Foyer/Kitchen/Morning Room

  • Dining room chandelier (we will be using the living room/dining room as a formal dining room)

All of this totaled to about $57k in options.

Nora and I took a few minutes to take a quick walk and gather our thoughts and came back to the sales manager with a counter offer.  Our offer was accepted and we signed our purchase agreement and addendum's!!!  We ended up receiving about $32k in incentives and all in all we feel that we received a fair price for the home.

Paperwork Signed!

Picture taken a day later, hence the different clothes for you eagle eyes!

We're looking forward to beginning the process which will have the home completed in late October!

Meeting with the NVR loan officer, choosing our colors, working with Rite-Rug on flooring, and working with Guardian are next on our list.  Hoping that the process continues to move smoothly and that the level of good service continues!