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Friday, August 29, 2014

Waterproofed and Backfilled!

Waterproofing - check
Backfilling - check
Meeting neighbors - check


Our foundation had the Geo-Mat waterproofing installed on Thursday the 21st.  Things seem to be progressing pretty well.  When we visited our lot, we noticed that there seemed to be some water collecting in the ditch.  We asked our PM about this and he advised that this was normal.  We did receive some rain a few days earlier, so hoping that it is in fact normal and nothing to worry about.  

After the waterproofing, we were advised that the foundation inspection would occur on Monday the 25th and they would backfill on Tuesday.

Geo-Mat Waterproofing

Some water in the ditch

Waterproofing on Left Side


The inspection must have passed because when we arrived at our home on Tuesday, the backfilling was complete!  We are starting to get a good idea on the size of our home and the layout of our yard.  Our backyard looks like it will be a decent size but not overwhelmingly big, so we're pretty excited about that. Patio...  Built-in Grill.... Firepit....  Golf putting green.....  One can dream.

Backfilled - Front

Backfilled - Garage 


Yup, that's the basement

We also had a chance to meet our neighbors on our visit.  They seem really nice and friendly so we are happy about that!  They moved in a few months ago and have not had any issues thus far.  They mentioned that our PM was great with them and we've been feeling the same way with the communication that we've been getting from him.  We also talked a little bit about the development and how nice it would be if they didn't go ahead with the 2nd phase and we just had the trees behind us!

Lumber gets dropped on Tuesday, September 2nd, and framing is to start that day or the day after.  That's all for now folks.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Location, location, location

Our initial plan was to purchase a house within the next one to two years, however we stumbled across an amazing area and dream location that we couldn't pass up. The development is located in a small township with preservation easements surrounding the area.  The quiet and semi-rural feel in a smaller development is just what we were looking for and we fell in love with it instantly.

Phase 1 of the development consists of 22 lots, we chose lot 22 which was one of the last three lots available in the development. Phase 2 will bring another 27 or so lots beginning in the fall and this will be the last phase of the development.

Phase 1

One of Nora's requirements for our home was to be able to look out our back yard and be able to see the trees and have a bit of tranquility while drinking her coffee in the morning. While there will be a home behind us, the layout of the development and the preservation easements will still provide us with a nice view of nature.

We are paying are paying a premium for this development, homes here are about 20% higher than similar models in neighboring Ryan developments, however we envision ourselves hopefully living here for the rest of our lives and the location is well worth it.

A lot of trees that will need to be removed from our lot!  Doesn't look like much right now.

Our Lot!  #22!

The corner lot will provide us with a nice sized yard that we will be able to take advantage of. Since the road leading to the development is out of the way and will only be used by those living or visiting the development, we don't have the typical corner lot concerns if we lived on a major road.

We took both sets of our parents through the neighborhood and they like the area as much as we do.

We are already envisioning how we want to design our landscaping that will provide us with just a bit more privacy in our backyard. A lot of fun projects to come!