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Sunday, July 13, 2014

No More Changes and a Field Trip!

This morning we signed our final change order for the items we added with Guardian and signed our waiver to make any additional changes.  It's crazy to think that 30 days have already gone by since we signed our purchase agreement!  Our options and selections are now locked in and our Road Map / Pre-Construction meeting is set for July 30th.  Things seem to be moving pretty smoothly so far and we're hoping that it continues this way.  Anxiety dreams have already started with thoughts of our movers damaging our walls and tracking mud and debris on our new carpets and hardwood!  It's way too early in the process to start having these dreams!

Here's an aerial view of our development. This photo is more recent than Google Maps which only shows 4 homes constructed.

Orchard Springs - Our Future Home!
After signing our change addendum and waiver paperwork, we decided to take a trip south towards Canton to a Ryan Homes development called Emerald Estates, located in Jackson Township, since they have a decorated Venice Model.  It was about an hour away, however it was worth the trip.  This model had a lot of upgrades compared to the local Venice model that we saw and included a lot of the options that we selected for our home.  It is also built in the non-reversed plan (what we have) which allowed us to get a really good feeling of how our new home will be laid out!

We were excited to see that this model had the same cabinet color (Cherry Java) and hardwood flooring (Dundee / Saddle) that we selected for our home!  It also had the hardwood instead of the carpet in the living room, hallway, and powder room that we upgraded to as well.  We love the color combination and are extremely happy with our decision!

Kitchen w/ Cherry Java Cabinets and Saddle Hardwood

Another Kitchen Photo Showing the Cabinet and Flooring Combination

Looking into the Morning Room

Saddle Hardwood in the Foyer, Hallway, Powder Room

Hallway from Foyer

Living Room with Hardwood.  We will be using this as a Dining Room

This model has the upgraded kitchen with the built-in cook top and double wall oven, which looks pretty amazing.  It also includes the glass inserts in the cabinets above the microwave.  We like this look, but talking to the SR at the model, he said that there have been some issues with condensation and difficulty with cleaning it.  Still looks really nice though...

We didn't really know how awesome the upgraded kitchen set-up is, it wasn't discussed during our upgrade selection conversations, and we didn't see it on our options list that we received.  This probably would've priced us way over budget anyways, but if we saw this model before we made final decisions on our selections, we just might have splurged on this....

Double Oven and Fridge Surrounded by Cabinets/Storage
Turkey in the Bottom and Pies in the Top Oven, that would've made for some convenient holidays!

Glass Inserts in the Cabinets above the Microwave

The basement in this model was pretty spectacular as well. The standard option that we received is to finish half of the basement with the unfinished side being a storage area located under the kitchen and morning room.  This basement had a non-standard custom upgrade to finish the ENTIRE basement!  We have already started to kick around ideas of making this a future upgrade to our home and having this area finished.  While it removes some of the storage area, it does make for some really great livable space.

"Bigger" Side of Basement

Looking into the Non-Standard finished Basement
Area that would typically be a non-finished storage area.
Pretty Awesome!

We saw some good decorating ideas (Ryan Homes really does a nice job staging its models) and we are really excited about getting our new home started!  Today's visit to this model really reinforced to us that we made the right decision on the Venice Model and we can't wait to start building our home.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Visit to the Model

Today we took a drive over to the Venice Model with Nora's parents so that they could walk through and see the model that we purchased.

Venice Model
We have one more week out of our 14 days to make any changes so it was a good opportunity for Nora and I to walk through the model again to see if we missed or wanted any options.  The nice thing about this model is that it doesn't have all of the upgrades and has some of the standard features which we were able to see.

We were looking at potentially upgrading our faucets to brushed nickel, but the chrome that was in the model seems to be nice enough until we decide to change them in the future.

We did a little prep work on our colors so that we will be ready for our meeting on Wednesday with our SR.

  • For the cabinets, we are considering Cherry Java.

  • For the granite in the kitchen, we are considering Santa Cecilia.

  • Shutters - Winestone

  • Siding - Sandy Tan

  • Outside brick and fireplace - Buckcounty Ledgestone

  • Exterior door - ?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rite-Rug and Guardian Scheduled

We received calls from Rite-Rug and Guardian to schedule our appointments.  Rite-Rug is scheduled for Thursday the 26th and Guardian on Monday July 7th.

We will also be working with another sales rep for the remainder of our process.  The sales manager assured us that we will be well taken care of and we are scheduled to meet with the SR on Wednesday the 25th to go over colors, cabinet, and granite selections.

We are considering getting hardwood flooring in the dining room, powder room, and hallway leading to the family room.  We feel that it would look a lot nicer this way instead of the carpeting as you can see in the pictures below.  Looking forward to going through our options together.

Venice Model Carpeted Hallway

Venice Model Carpeted Dining Room