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Saturday, September 6, 2014

More Updates!

Just a few updates and pictures from this past week.

Framing has been completed and we are expecting to have the roof completed by next Wednesday, pending weather.  Next week, our PM will be letting us know our completion date, but right now it's looking like our home will be completed on October 29th.

2nd Floor Framing Started
Back of House

Backside - Morning Room and Fireplace 
Framing Complete

View from our Foyer Looking In

Living Room

Front Door

Left Side of House

Our Tub


Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Updates!

We are long overdue for an update on the progress of our construction of our Ryan Homes Venice at Orchard Springs!  Time has quickly flown by and we can see how easy it is to put off the blog updates!  This post should bring us up to date to where we are currently at in the construction process.

Over the last 4 weeks, the following has happened:

  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Waiting on the Permit
  • Clearing the Lot of Trees
  • Digging the Hole!
  • Footers
  • Foundation

Pre-Construction Meeting

Our Pre-Construction meeting was on July 30th and went without a hitch.  The meeting took us just about 2 hours at a nearby development model home/sales office.  We were offered the option to drive to our lot to see it staked out, but declined due to time constraints, plus it would be really hard to visualize the lot with all of the trees still there.  

Our PM (with Ryan Homes since 2005) and our SR went through our Venice model plans and we reviewed and verified each of the options that we selected.

A summary of some of the things we discussed/reviewed during our meeting:
  • Our Venice model is a Version 5 model
    • Includes a few different/added features from the previous version, one of which is the french doors in the morning room.
  • Estimated Start Date August 11th
    • Pending Permits which were with the County
  • Estimated Completion will be October 28th - plus or minus 2 weeks
  • Trees will be removed once Ryan Homes purchases the lot (we did not know that Ryan Homes didn't own the lots)
  • We get to choose our Santa Cecilia granite slabs for the Kitchen
  • We are unable to widen our driveway due to the building plans already being approved
  • We asked about raising the dryer vent and our PM said that he would check on this
  • Our basement will have an additional recessed light install in the area where the plumbing would have been pre-plumbed - we are getting this corner completely finished
  • Our PM recommended a few things for us for when we move-in
    • Battery Back-Up Sump Pump
    • Generator
    • Dehumidifier
    • Painting the garage with a sealing paint
    • To wait at least a year before we have a patio installed due to foundation shifting (makes sense but wondering if this is something that we really have to wait on)

Thus far, our PM has since been great with communication and we are hoping that this continues through the process. He has kept us well informed on the status of our permit (which was delayed by the County), when they would be digging, when the footers would be poured, when the foundation would go up, etc.  He also was accommodating and text-ed us pictures of our dig when we were out of town.

Construction Timeline through 8/21/14

  • 8/11/14 - Trees Removed from Lot
  • 8/14/14 - Permit Received and Digging Begins
  • 8/15/14 - Footers Poured
  • 8/18/14 - Foundation up

Our lumber isn't expected to be dropped until September 2nd.  We were told that after the foundation is up, things will slow down a bit until the framing begins.  They are going to try to complete items such as waterproofing and starting the plumbing so that the timeline can stay on track as much as possible.  Our PM has mentioned several times that he is committed to building us a quality home and that will not push things just to meet timelines, which is why he gave us a plus or minus 2 weeks for completion.  

Size Matters?

When we visited our lot after the hole was dug, we were expecting to be WOW'd by this grand, giant hole in the ground, but it looked so small to us!  We know that the Venice isn't the biggest model out there - but we liked it due to having the most usable space of any model we saw. With the finished basement, it is just about 2,900 sq ft, and the size of the hole definitely looks deceiving.  We went to visit another Venice model just to make ourselves feel better about the size and set up of the home, which we have confirmed is perfect and plenty big for us!

Less than 3 months before we have a new home!

Orchard Springs Development News

In the last 4 weeks from our last update, the last 2 lots have been sold!  All 22 lots in Phase I at Orchard Springs have been sold out!  Right now it appears that Phase II will not begin until Spring 2015.  So we can enjoy the trees that are currently in our backyard until they start construction!

Now for a few Pictures!

Before - With Trees
After - No Trees! - And a Port-a-Potty
Digging Action
Dug out Dirt
It's a Hole!
Our Basement - Looks Small!
Footers Poured
Rear Right Side
Start of a House
Right Rear
Santa Cecilia - Kitchen Slab 1
Granite Kitchen Slab 2

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rite-Rug and Guardian Scheduled

We received calls from Rite-Rug and Guardian to schedule our appointments.  Rite-Rug is scheduled for Thursday the 26th and Guardian on Monday July 7th.

We will also be working with another sales rep for the remainder of our process.  The sales manager assured us that we will be well taken care of and we are scheduled to meet with the SR on Wednesday the 25th to go over colors, cabinet, and granite selections.

We are considering getting hardwood flooring in the dining room, powder room, and hallway leading to the family room.  We feel that it would look a lot nicer this way instead of the carpeting as you can see in the pictures below.  Looking forward to going through our options together.

Venice Model Carpeted Hallway

Venice Model Carpeted Dining Room

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NVR Loan Appointment

On the 18th we met with the NVR loan officer at the Orchard Springs model/sales office to go over our loan application.  We emailed the majority of our loan documents to him prior to the meeting utilizing the checklist that was provided to us.  We were assigned a loan officer from another territory because the one typically assigned to the area was busy.

Our appointment was scheduled for 5:30, however the LO showed up about 45 minutes late because he went to the wrong community and got lost on the way.  Not a huge issue for us, he did call us to let us know that he was running late, and it gave us a few minutes to chat with both the sales manager and project manager who were at the model home.

Our project manager let us know that he has been with Ryan Homes for about 9 years and currently lives in a Ryan home in a neighboring community.  He answered a few basic questions for us before our LO arrived.  We look forward to working with him, we feel like we are in good hands.

Our LO was friendly and extremely thorough with the application process.  He provided us with a lot of valuable information and made the process as easy and painless as possible for us.  It was a looooonnng process but should hopefully make underwriting and approving our loan an easy one.  It took us about 3 and a half hours to get through all of the documentation and completion of the application.  We were only missing a few documents that we need to get together and was told that the typical time frame for a decision will be about 28 days.

Overall, despite being a long process, we left feeling good knowing that we got this part out of the way.  And now we wait...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Visited the Model and Signed our Purchase Agreement!

We signed our purchase agreement on June 13, 2014!

We started the day by meeting the sales manager at another nearby Ryan Home community where they had a Venice model.  This model used to be the original model and sales office at this community and from our understanding was in the process of being converted back to the owner/investor.

An interesting sidebar about the Ryan Home models that we learned is that all of the model homes are purchased by investors and then leased to Ryan Homes for their use. Sounds like a pretty smart and sound business model for their business and was something that we didn't know.

The model home was a bit messy inside with a lot of the sales office furniture being stored in the living room, however it did give us a good idea of the true size and livable space that we would have.  Walking through the model confirmed that this was the home for us and we drove back to Orchard Springs to discuss our options and pricing further.

We had a few days to go over the options list and pricing and decided to make a few changes, mainly removing the 3 car garage and basement bathroom.  While the 3 car garage would have definitely be nice, we feel that if we do end up needing additional space that we can always get a shed for the backyard.

For the basement, we were told that changes were made to the floor plan and that a powder room was no longer available in the basement and that they only option was a full bath. This was space that we didn't want to give up due to the layout of the basement in the Venice and taking up too much room.

The sales manager told us that the section where the bathroom was in the model home would be finished without the bathroom, however we discovered that it would actually be sectioned off as a storage room.  The sales manager stood by the error in his statement and submitted a change order request to ensure that we will get this area finished.  So definitely a win for us and a huge plus for Ryan Homes and the sales manager!

Here are the list of options that we finalized:

  • Elevation B

  • Finished Basement

  • French door for basement

  • Morning room

  • Gourmet kitchen island

  • Kitchen cabinet upgrade 1

  • Granite countertop kitchen upgrade 1

  • Range gas hook up

  • Upgraded stainless steel appliance package (we went with the package above the standard - nicer range and better dishwasher)

  • Gas fireplace with the stone veneer, higher hearth

  • Owners bathroom type E w/soaking tub with shower seat and ceramic

  • Banisters with white spindles

  • 2 additional outlets - additional for garage and kitchen island

  • Recessed lights over fireplace

  • 8 recessed lights - 4 in family room and 4 in master bedroom

  • 5 ceiling fan rough-in's - all bedrooms and family room

  • Floor drain in the garage

  • Hardwood A in Foyer/Kitchen/Morning Room

  • Dining room chandelier (we will be using the living room/dining room as a formal dining room)

All of this totaled to about $57k in options.

Nora and I took a few minutes to take a quick walk and gather our thoughts and came back to the sales manager with a counter offer.  Our offer was accepted and we signed our purchase agreement and addendum's!!!  We ended up receiving about $32k in incentives and all in all we feel that we received a fair price for the home.

Paperwork Signed!

Picture taken a day later, hence the different clothes for you eagle eyes!

We're looking forward to beginning the process which will have the home completed in late October!

Meeting with the NVR loan officer, choosing our colors, working with Rite-Rug on flooring, and working with Guardian are next on our list.  Hoping that the process continues to move smoothly and that the level of good service continues!

2nd Meeting - Initial Pricing and Options

We scheduled another meeting to discuss pricing and options with our SR.

Adam went to this meeting himself to get some preliminary pricing and ask a few more questions.  Upon arriving to the sales office, Adam was met by the sales manager, who was covering for the SR, as she went into labor earlier in the morning!   We were told that all went well for baby and mother, so that was good news to hear.

The sales manager was expecting that we would be coming in to discuss the Palermo (which he studied up on before I came in), so we threw him a bit of a curveball with our decision on the Venice.

The sales manager was a very down to earth guy, we had a few laughs and he definitely made me feel comfortable through our meeting. It was obvious that he hasn't been on the front line for quite some time, something that he openly admitted, but was very knowledgable about the process. Anything that he wasn't 100 percent sure of he took note of and promised to get back to us with the answer.  I got the sense that he was honest, was not pushy, and truly wanted to find the best deal and home for us.  The customer service levels that we have received thus far in the process have really been great and we're hoping that this level of service continues.

There were incentives that were being advertised and we wanted to be sure that we took advantage of them. What we discussed were the following incentives:

  • Morning Room included

  • $5,000 towards elevation upgrade

  • 4 light rough-ins

  • 1 ceiling fan rough-in

  • Garage door opener

  • Granite Level 1 - Kitchen

  • Hardwood Level A - Kitchen and Foyer

  • 42" Timberlake Maple Cognac Cabinetry

  • Stainless steel Microwave, Range, Dishwasher

  • Recessed lighting in kitchen

After our 2 hour conversation, we put together some options and pricing, and I was on my way home to the boss lady with our initial price quote to review and discuss!

Additional options that we had quoted:

  • 3 car garage

  • Finished basement

  • Bathroom in basement

  • Banisters w/white spindles

  • Gas range hook up

  • Fireplace with stone veneer

  • Upgraded owners bath with soaking tub and ceramic

  • 2 additional outlets - 1 additional for garage/1 additional for the island

  • 8 recessed lights - 4 in family room/4 in master bedroom

  • 5 ceiling fan rough-ins

  • Floor drain for garage
Lot's to think about!

Location, location, location

Our initial plan was to purchase a house within the next one to two years, however we stumbled across an amazing area and dream location that we couldn't pass up. The development is located in a small township with preservation easements surrounding the area.  The quiet and semi-rural feel in a smaller development is just what we were looking for and we fell in love with it instantly.

Phase 1 of the development consists of 22 lots, we chose lot 22 which was one of the last three lots available in the development. Phase 2 will bring another 27 or so lots beginning in the fall and this will be the last phase of the development.

Phase 1

One of Nora's requirements for our home was to be able to look out our back yard and be able to see the trees and have a bit of tranquility while drinking her coffee in the morning. While there will be a home behind us, the layout of the development and the preservation easements will still provide us with a nice view of nature.

We are paying are paying a premium for this development, homes here are about 20% higher than similar models in neighboring Ryan developments, however we envision ourselves hopefully living here for the rest of our lives and the location is well worth it.

A lot of trees that will need to be removed from our lot!  Doesn't look like much right now.

Our Lot!  #22!

The corner lot will provide us with a nice sized yard that we will be able to take advantage of. Since the road leading to the development is out of the way and will only be used by those living or visiting the development, we don't have the typical corner lot concerns if we lived on a major road.

We took both sets of our parents through the neighborhood and they like the area as much as we do.

We are already envisioning how we want to design our landscaping that will provide us with just a bit more privacy in our backyard. A lot of fun projects to come!

Meeting our SR and Decisions

We met with a very nice and very pregnant SR who provided us with a lot of great information on the homes and developments in the area.  She was extremely friendly and patient with us and was able to answer all of the questions that we had.

When we were reviewing floor plans, we were initially looking for a floor plan with a first floor bedroom (Nora's thought that if our parents needed to stay, if she broke a leg, or for when we were old and gray and too fragile and gimpy to walk up the stairs to our bedroom). We didn't want a ranch style home and the SR provided us a few different options with the first floor option for us to review.

As we talked through the floor plans, we ended up deciding that a first floor bedroom wasn't necessary and that it made sense to both of us that we would move forward without it. When we get old, fragile, and gimpy we will just get one of those sweet rideable roller coasters (stair lifts) for old people to take us up the stairs.

Sweet Ride
We liked the Palermo with the first floor home office and that was the model that we thought we would be selecting after leaving the office that day.

After taking some more time to look through all of the floor plans that were available, we decided that the Venice would be a better fit for our needs.  The bedrooms are a little bit larger in the Venice and we decided that we didn't need the first floor home office.  To us, the design and layout, is perfect with a lot of usable space and will be big enough to for us to grow into and start a family.

With the morning room and finished basement we would be looking at about 3,000 sqft of usable living space and is perfect for our current and future living situation.

Venice 1st Floor

Venice 2nd Floor

Venice Basement

Our journey begins!

Hey, look at us! Sold!

So, we bought a house!!!  Purchase agreement signed and initial options selected on Friday the 13th!  We are both excited about our journey towards building our home with Ryan Homes.

Throughout our decision to build with Ryan Homes,  we spent time reviewing blogs and taking advice by other Ryan Home owners and have decided to also share and document our experiences with the home building process.

2014 has been a great, busy, and memorable year for us. Newly engaged, starting a new and exciting job, and now building a new home!

Join us on what we are hoping is a positive and enjoyable process!  We will document the good, the bad (hopefully minimal or nil), and the ugly (hopefully we don't experience this!)